ARK Survival Ascended PS5


  • Complete Recreation and Redesign of the worlds of ARK to take advantage of the latest in video game technology, Unreal Engine 5, using high-end graphics features.
  • Advanced New Physics – Including dynamic water and fully interactive physical foliage. Detect an enemy moving sneakily through the grass as it shifts and sways in response to their presence. Demolish a building and watch the pieces break apart realistically, interacting with the grass and water as it falls.
  • Access to all of ARK’s Worlds – Get access to Scorched Earth, Aberration, Extinction, ARK Genesis Part 1, ARK Genesis Part 2, and more. The Island is now released, with subsequent expansion worlds to be added at no additional cost.
  • The Definitive Survival Experience Returns – Design your Survivor, form a tribe, and tame, train, breed and ride dinosaurs within a living ecosystem. Build structures, farm crops, customize your visual designs, and proceed to explore and uncover the true nature of The Island and the worlds beyond.
  • Quality of Life – Revamps in every area: redesigned user interfaces, dynamic navigation for intelligent creature pathfinding, Photo Mode, new camera, map and tracking system, new structures and items, new creatures, and much more.
  • Cross-Platform Modding – Download and play new custom content created by players, including new maps, creatures, items, and game modes, through the new dedicated mod-browser directly within the game!
  • Cross-Platform Multiplayer – Form your online tribe across different gaming platforms as you work together to survive and thrive on the ARK!

Delivery By: 16/07/2024 - 23/07/2024

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