Company Of Heroes 3 Launch Edition P5


  • Core gameplay for Company of Heroes comes to console, where players win by outsmarting not out-clicking your opponents.
  • Classic Mechanics have been improved with enhanced systems for cover, flanking, combined arms and richer environmental destruction mechanics.
  • Purpose built for Console with custom UI, full controller support, and features that allow you to play at your own pace, Company of Heroes 3 deploys its acclaimed blend of action, tactics and strategy to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S and X in full strength.
  • Controller support has been carefully considered, enabling maximum precision and ensuring you can make the right moves, when you want to make them.
  • The in-game User Interface has been re-designed, factoring in button layouts and readability, making for an immaculate console experience.
  • The Launch Edition will include:
    • Limited edition packaging.
    • Metal Case in O-Ring.
    • Collector’s Book.
    • Double-sided map.
    • Devil’s brigade embroidered badge.
    • Devil’s Brigade DLC Pack.

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