Glorious PC Gaming Race Model D – Gaming Mouse (Glossy Black)


  • Ergonomic and very light: the Glorious Model D matte gaming mouse weighs only 61 g and the 62 g shine offer you a great gaming experience with amazing precision and speed
  • Precision in every game: the USB mouse is equipped with an optical pixart 3360 sensor (12000 dpi, 1000 Hz polling rate, less than 0.7 mm lifting distance) with variable resolution for perfect 1:1 scanning
  • Elastic line: gaming mouse with cable, which is very light, flexible and conveys the feeling of a wireless mouse; play without limits and secure the victory in every game
  • Honeycomb shell: is the key to making computer mouse extremely light while maintaining its exceptional durability. The holes in the housing provide excellent ventilation of the hand during intense play
  • Perfect slide: mouse ergonomic model D is equipped with G-ice skates made of Teflon with rounded edges that never get caught on the mat
  • Model – Glorious Model D Minus

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