50 PKXD Gems


  • PK XD Builder Interactive terrain and furniture for you to create, share, and explore a Universe of experiences!
  • Live new adventures always. Explore and get to know the PK XD Universe, an open-world multiplayer game for you to experience incredible adventures!
  • Play with your friends and create your own stories! The PK XD Universe allows you to let your imagination run wild as you customize houses, stylish outfits, and dance around with your friends.
  • Fun first! You will love our challenges and minigames. And to make it even better, you can adopt and evolve the cutest pets in the universe. PLAY NOW!
  • We are safe! PK XD is not only fun: it has all the safety mechanisms to protect the people playing.

Terms & Condition

  • Login to your account at Redeem.meplay
  • Redeem your PKXD GEMS top up by entering your PKXD Player ID.
  • Access the “Redeem code” page, enter the redemption code printed on the receipt of your purchase of this card.
  • You can then redeem this card’s value as PKXD GEMS.
Valid for 1 Year from date of Purchase.

Delivery By: 24/07/2024 - 31/07/2024

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