Logitech G740 Large Thick Gaming Mouse Pad


  • 5 MM Cushioned Surface: For more comfort and an even desk surface, delivering better computer mouse performance
  • Moderate Surface Friction: Gaming mousepad with cloth surface gives the right amount of resistance to the mouse feet when starting or stopping a rapid or sudden movement common to low DPI gaming
  • Consistent Surface Texture: Provides optimal imagery for the sensor to translate mouse movement into cursor movement in high-speed gaming
  • Designed for Optimal Performance: A surface texture close to the optimal testing environment gives PC gamers access to the fullest Logitech G Mouse sensor accuracy and precision
  • No-Slip Rubber Base: Prevents bunching and slipping, keeping the cloth mouse pad in place with rapid, sweeping movements during low-DPI gaming
  • Part# 943-000808

Delivery By: 21/05/2024 - 27/05/2024

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