Lords Of The Fallen PS5


  • Explore Two Vast, Parallel Worlds – Journey across two parallel worlds in your epic quest to overthrow Adyr. While the living realm presents its own brutal challenges, untold horrors lurk in the nightmarish realm of the dead.
  • Wield a Device of Ungodly Power – Your lantern possesses the ungodly power to cross between worlds. Use this dark art to reach forgotten places, unearth fabled treasures, and manipulate the very soul of your foe.
  • Rise from Death – Fall in the world of the living, and rise again… in the world of the dead. You now have one final chance to return to your living state, as all manner of hellish creatures descend upon you.
  • Unite or Fight in Online Multiplayer – Brave your entire quest side-by-side in uninterrupted, online co-op, with fitting rewards for completing community events. But be warned – heroes from other realms can, and will invade.
  • Fully Customise and Develop Your Own Character – Fully customise your character’s appearance, before selecting one of nine character classes. Whichever starting path you take, develop your character to your own playstyle by upgrading stats, weapons, armour and spells.

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