Nacon Wired Compact Controller Blue PS4 / PC

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  • NACON’s Wired Compact Controller is officially licensed for PS4 consoles and boasts a range of essential features, including a touch pad, vibration motors and an LED player status indicator. It also includes action buttons with PlayStation® symbols and colours, as well as SHARE, OPTIONS and PS buttons.
  • The ergonomic shape and rubber surface provide superior comfort and optimal grip for all types of games, even after long gaming sessions. With a 3m cable, it fits easily into your living room gaming set-up. It comes with a headset jack for complete immersion in your favourite games.
  • The Wired Compact Controller is also PC compatible (X-Input) for even more versatility.
  • The controller is available in several colours: Black, Grey, Red, and Blue
  • 2x Vibration motors
  • LED** player status indicator
  • Touch pad
  • 3.5mm headset jack
  • Cable length: approx. 3m
  • Dimensions (Width x Length x Height): 153 x 50 x 96mm
  • Controller will work with supported PS4 games on PS5

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