Paper Mario The Thousand-Year Door Nintendo Switch


  • The hunt for the Crystal Stars begins After Princess Peach asks for his help on a treasure hunt, Mario heads to the town of Rogueport. But when he arrives, Peach is nowhere to be seen! Upon learning about the legend of the Crystal Stars, Mario sets out to find these mythical treasures and hopefully track down Peach along the way.
  • The theatre of battle Spotted any enemies on your travels? Take them on in turn-based combat, in front of an excitable audience! Perform your attacks with well-timed button presses to increase your power, or hit the button as you’re attacked to reduce the damage you take. The better you do, the more the crowd will cheer you on!
  • A paper world full of surprises To find the Crystal Stars, you’ll have to venture beyond the walls of Rogueport and see the world! When it comes to getting around and exploring, Mario’s Paper Abilities can help! Try turning into a paper plane to fly over gaps or becoming paper-thin to squeeze through tight spaces. There are even more abilities to find too!
  • A parade of partners During your journey, you’ll meet a colourful cast of characters who’ll happily join you for the ride. Each partner has their own unique abilities, such as Goombella revealing information about enemies or places, Koops being able to grab out-of-reach items, and Madame Flurrie blowing away obstacles to uncover secret paths and more!

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